Why we chose to homeschool

When it was nearing time for my oldest daughter to begin school we started by visiting various private & public-charter schools in our area. We are fortunate to live in a are that has some wonderful public and charter school options as well as some truly terrific private schools. Unfortunately we just couldn’t’ afford the private schools and decided that we wanted something different for our children and our family. We wanted to be able to spend time with our children. We wanted to share in and be part of their learning. We wanted to instill a lifelong love of learning especially as my husband and I are both avid learners. That was the beginning of our journey down the homeschooling rabbit hole. I began looking at homeschooling websites, of which there are many, and reading homeschooling books, also many, to determine if it was even legal and what the requirements were and what I needed to do to get started. After all of our research we finally made the decision to give it a try. After all if it doesn’t work for us we can always enroll in our neighborhood school next year if we didn’t feel this was going to work.


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